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Paradise [G], Bobby and Castiel, discussing Sam and Dean (drabble)

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written any fiction. The idea for this one just came to me on a walk. With limited writing time and just one simple, crystal idea, I thought it would make an effective drabble, a 100-word story. You judge. I'll warn you, it's depressing.

Title: Paradise
Author: Bardicvoice
Characters: Bobby and Castiel, discussing Sam and Dean
Rating: G
Warnings: Umm, Winchester brothers being Winchester brothers, no matter what.
Word count: 100
Summary: "Each soul makes its own Heaven."


“That's some seriously screwed up shit.” Bobby handed Castiel a beer. The angel nodded at his surroundings.

“Each soul makes its own Heaven.”

“Yeah, but – if any two souls were gonna share, I thought it would be Sam and Dean. I mean, hell: they were never really happy apart. And Heaven is what makes you happy. They deserve that.”

Castiel shrugged.

“And that is the problem. They each understand exactly where they are. But their own happiness requires the other being alive – so in their separate heavens, they each believe the other survived and is safe.”

“Balls,” Bobby said.


Tags: bobby singer, castiel, dean winchester, fanfic, fanfic drabbles, sam winchester, supernatural

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