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My first audiobook is for sale!

This is another real-life post, so if my Supernatural writing is all you're interested in, skip this with my blessing. *grin*

The next chapter of my life -- my voiceover existence -- has officially begun! The first audiobook I recorded professionally, a light, fluffy, Regency-based Christian romance novel called A Sensible Match, written by Teryl Cartwright, is now for sale through, iTunes, and! My second performance -- the sequel to the first, called Courting Constance -- should be available within two weeks.

If you'd like to hear what I sound like, even if you're not interested in buying the book (and it's not something I'd have bought for myself, I'll admit!), there's about a three-minute sample clip posted at all three sites where the book is for sale. Take a listen, and let me know what you think!

I'm now auditioning for more books in a variety of genres. This will be my full-time life following my departure from the U.S. EPA at the end of November:  wish me luck!

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