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10 February 2011 @ 10:15 pm
6.12 Like A Virgin: It Was A New Day Yesterday, But It’s An Old Day Now  
6.12 Like A Virgin: It Was A New Day Yesterday, But It’s An Old Day Now
Sam wakes as Dean’s bro
With no soulless memories.
Teamed, they hunt dragons. 
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Sorry this is so late, again: it's that pesky real-life thing that pays the bills ...

The lovely animated icon on this is by hellybongo . Thank you!

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Zazzazreil on March 6th, 2011 07:30 am (UTC)
I am so behind right now - got RIFed recently so working to find a new job. Mean to write more later but right now I thought you might like to know I saw the original script for this episode and WinChest Midwest this weekend and in if we found that the first Virgin was the vessel and all the rest that the dragons were accumulating were for her first Dinner. Other items of note is that in the script it was clear that the dragons had actually had a true draconic form and could switch back and forth. I think that perhaps the shadow special effects the author wanted did not translate to screen as well as he hoped as he did have several places where he mentioned seeing the shadows of the Dragons/Wings. The other item is that Eve had more dialog in the original script and besides the bit about her missing dinner is that the script made it sound as if The Mother of All was pulling strings from Purgatory. I suspect we will learn more as the series goes on, but I am guessing right now that either the War in Heaven or the Lucifer Jack in the Box trick allowed her to either push a few monsters through to set her free or bolster the strength of the monsters on our side or both. Guess we will see.

I have to say I fell in love with the author reading the script. Anyone who clearly states in the script that we are to have a full on brother hug - the hug the fans wanted in 6.01 and were denied wins brownie points with me. This is the third Script I have read and I think the notes and asides on the script are even better and more humorous than those that Kripke put on the pilot script