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Link to Supernatural Episode Commentaries Master Post

Don't get too excited: this isn't my review post for 6.12 Like A Virgin yet! I'm still working on that; you know how long-winded I get. But earlier this week, I started the project of creating a master post linking to ALL my Supernatural episode commentary/review pieces, and that page is now up. So if you want a fast and easy way to check what I said about any given episode back when it first aired, this is the place where you can find the direct links to each review. I'll add all future episode review links to the master page as they go up.

Link to Bardicvoice's Supernatural Episode Commentaries Master Post

As time permits, I'll be creating a master post for all the individual Supernatural University essays as well, to make those as easy to find. But doing the episode commentaries comes first!

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