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The Impala Chronicles (Forty-Some Years In A Life): Master Post

The Impala Chronicles (Forty-Some Years In A Life) : Master Post

This collection of individual stories is a work in progress. My intent is to write one short story for each year of the Impala’s existence, putting the car and its owners into the context of  the absolutely real-world American history I lived through: the civil rights struggle, the space program, Vietnam, and more, complete with an absolutely period-appropriate soundtrack, since classic rock is so much a part of this show. I began this in July 2009, long before Swan Song aired, so my early history doesn’t match canon any longer, but I’m not going to change it. Despite the long breaks in writing this, I do intend to finish it and bring it current; I just haven’t any idea when I’ll accomplish that, given other demands on my time. I’m only ten years in so far. Each story can be read individually, but it would be best to start at the beginning, since early stories in particular include characters you don’t already know who continue in time. They’re each quite short. 

This page links to each individual story.
Chapter 1 – June 12, 1967: Black And White  
Chapter 2 – November 20, 1968: Cursed  
Chapter 3 – July 20, 1969: Moon Magic
Chapter 4 – August 27, 1970: Culture Clash
Chapter 5 – April 22-24, 1971: Blowin’ In The Wind  
Chapter 6 – December 26, 1972: Paint It Black
Chapter 7 – November 22, 1973: The Dark Side of the Moon
Chapter 8 – August 9, 1974: Along The Way
Chapter 9 – April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm
Chapter 10 – June 17, 1976: Stars and Stripes Forever 
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