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Want help losing weight? Join Health_Hunters: Saving People, Hunting Health!

Those of you who've been reading my LJ for a while are aware that I've been working -- successfully! -- on losing weight. Well, I'm not the only one! Four of us, all Supernatural fans trying to lose weight -- wynefred , metallidean_grl , raloria , and I -- decided to open a community offering mutual help and support for other fans in similar circumstances. If you're interested, visit and join health_hunters: Saving People, Hunting Health. We're Supernatural fans fighting fat, and you're welcome to join us!

In an attempt to avoid attracting trolls or other unpleasantness, we're deliberately limiting invitations at the moment to people who follow our personal journals, so we'd appreciate it if you didn't post links to the health_hunters  community in other communities. But if you like what you see when you visit, please do feel free to share the community with your friends.

Come read our introductory post, and become a health hunter along with us!

Oh, and for the record? As of this morning, I've lost 35 pounds since I started working on it in mid-March!

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