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Apologies for late comment response

Hey, folks: sorry I've been so quiet. Life's been a little excessively crazy, between more fun at work and the late discovery that the contractors who did the work on my house last year didn't obtain the necessary county permits first. I've been trying to resolve both things. On the plus side, I think I have a solid path forward to resolve the permit issues and get ALL the house questions resolved by early July, for no more than I had originally intended to spend. Helps that I'd held back the final payment to the original contractor pending the delivery of all appropriate paperwork, which was never forthcoming for reasons I now can understand all too well.

I'm going to be spending most of the next couple of weeks caring for my Mom (giving my sister, who does that full-time, a break) so I won't be online much, but I'm planning to spend part of my available online time slowly getting around to responding to comments on my past blog posts. So if you get a much-delayed comment response, don't be surprised!

And my best news: I've lost 20 pounds since 13 March, when I formally began my diet. Bravo for Nutrisystem, and for me! If I lose 31 more pounds, I'll reach the target weight I set as my goal at the beginning of the effort. If I get there and am happy with my health and appearance, I'll see if I can set that as my new maintenance weight.

Be cool if I could do that by the time the Vancouver con rolls around, hey? *grin*
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