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21 February 2010 @ 10:31 pm
About Supernatural Season Six ...  
About Supernatural Season Six ...
What follows is my purely speculative take on possibilities for season six of Supernatural. I have absolutely no inside track on the show; all I’m going to do here is weave the gossamer threads of my imagination with ideas spooled out of interviews with Eric Kripke during the last half-year to produce a nebulous tapestry of what might be in the end of season five and the new course of season six. I’m also going to look back for perspective to things we’ve heard from Kripke throughout the entire run of the show. If you want to avoid any potential for possible spoilerage based on interviews Kripke has already given combined with my guesses and questions, do not click on the cut-link to read the rest of this post. Otherwise, click and come on in! 
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