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Abject apologies: "Sam, Interrupted" commentary running VERY late

Hey, folks -- I had intended to post my commentary review and analytical meta on Sam, Interrupted well before this, but I'm afraid now it won't be up until after Swap Meat airs.  I lost the weekend to a virus:  well, it was actually two trojans (Artemis and MSFakeAlert), and while I got everything cleaned up and running sweetly again late on Sunday (thanks, Terri!), I was out a lot of writing time.  Work didn't help, because things got very crunchy this week and have been running into overtime, especially since my boss has been out sick and I've been acting branch chief as well as chief bottle washer.

But I am writing and it will be done, on Earth as it is in TV-land ...  As proof, here's a teaser:

5.11  Sam, Interrupted:  Monsters Are The Least Of Your Problems

Hunting craziness:
Wraith marinating mad brains
Spices Sam and Dean.


And now I'm returning to writing ...

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