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New Supernatural-related merchandise available ...

This is coming a little late for Christmas, but a metal artist in British Columbia took one of my photographs and rendered it into wall art. Although I'd commissioned it as a custom design, I told her to go ahead and add it to her gallery, so anyone who wants to order one (or more!) could get them.

There's a little story behind this. On 1 September 2009, some friends and I were lucky enough to be able to watch Supernatural shooting on location. When the scenes involving the Impala were completed, Scotty the Impala wrangler drove her off to load her back onto her trailer, but along the way, he spotted us taking pictures as he drove by. There was no traffic on the road just then, and he stopped, backed her up to where we stood, and posed her in the road for a minute so we could get clear shots.

A couple of days later, my friend Sandra and I found an art gallery on Salt Lane in Langley that featured the work of local artists including Sena Metal Arts, which consists of Senada Vehabovic and her husband. Senada offers custom metal designs cut from steel, and I instantly visualized my Impala photos turned into wall sculpture. I emailed Senada once I got home, and after a little back-and-forth, we settled on this design. The standard size is 23 inches long and 9 inches high. The illustration below shows the wall art version (which now hangs on my bedroom wall!) on top of the photo that inspired it.

I sent copies to Jensen, Jared, Eric Kripke, and of course to the man who made it possible: Scotty the Impala wrangler!

Want one of your own? Go to! Check out the Gallery, and you'll find two versions of this wall art available. Contact Senada through the website if you'd like to buy one or more. She will sell copies for $40 Canadian, plus shipping. I hope folk enjoy these!

After Thursday night, I'll be mostly (but not entirely!) offline until a few days after Christmas; then I will be very much back. Have a lovely holiday season, and I'll drop by and try to comment and respond to comments whenever I can even while I'm on the road.
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