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Make Your Thanksgiving Supernatural

You might not think that Supernatural is the right show to watch on Thanksgiving night, but let me tell you:  this week’s episode, In My Time Of Dying, is the perfect choice. Why? Because this is a family love story among three men – a father and his two grown sons – who will literally live and die for each other, and who are running out of time to be together.


Is it scary? Yes, a bit – but life is scary, especially when you, like the Winchesters, are facing your own death or the death of someone close to you.


Is it sad? Yes to that, too – but sadness isn’t always bad. Sadness for impending loss tells us that life is sweet, that what we have is something we shouldn’t forget to be thankful for, and that we shouldn’t ever wait to express our thanks and our love.


Is it good? Oh, my – yes. It is very, very good: the writing will grab you by the throat and the acting will rivet your eyes to the screen, and both together will combine to touch your heart.


I’ll be giving thanks for many things this Thursday:  having a loving family, my health, a fulfilling job, good friends, a comfortable home. I’ll also be thankful that the CW is giving us Supernatural, and that the show’s entire creative team – including Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, Kim Manners, Sera Gamble, Raelle Tucker, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and every single member of the writing staff and production crew – is doing such superlative work.


If you haven’t tried Supernatural yet, tune in on Thanksgiving night. Long before the episode ends, you might be giving thanks for it, too. And coming back again.

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