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I loved the Kim Manners tribute in 4.19 ...

Okay, my review will come in its own time, as ever, after appropriate thought and much writing, but this one piece, I simply had to hug ...

When we see the boys in the motel for the first time, when Adam storms in while Dean is cleaning guns, we get a brief flash of the motel card on the table, and see that the boys are staying at ...

Kim Manor.

And the photo of the lounge act headliner beside and above the exhortation to "Join us in the Sonny Buono Lounge!" was none other than a younger, mustachioed Kim Manners.

I love our Show.

Kim, you will NEVER be forgotten by anyone associated with this show!

That is all, Good night. More later.  (Including finally responding to all those lovely comments, I promise!)

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