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Haiku: Season Five Finale, My Way

My apologies for not having gotten around to responding to most comments yet; I'm way, way behind, and real life is kicking my ass timewise. Not all in a bad way, mind you; just a really, really busy one. (If you've ever tried to work full time and some overtime while planning the remodeling of your house, cleaning in preparation for an onslaught of contractors, doing your estate planning, and embarking on a new venture to get additional income, you've got an idea!)

In apology and to tide you over for a while (ass-busting will continue at least until Sunday), I offer a little haiku that came to me in the car on my way home from work today. This would be my version of the ideal finale of season five, if it is, as Kripke has announced repeatedly, his intended end of Supernatural as a weekly series.  :)



This is how it ends.
Fate. War. Love. Faith. Redemption.
"Bitch."  "Jerk."  Rock song plays.


Roll those end credits, Kripke. We'll love you through our laughing tears.

And I do promise to get around to responding to all those lovely comments, as soon as I possibly can. Right now, though, it's 23:00, and I need to get up and start over at 05:00 tomorrow, which will come all too fast.

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