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Random association meme!

Random association meme.
Ask me to associate you with five things. When I do this, post this meme and an explanation of your interest in those five things in your journal.

No one has to play, and I'll caution that it may take me a little while to get around to associating you if you do choose to play, but any comments are welcome!  I decided to play in raputathebuta's sandbox, when she posted her tag here.

raputathebuta associates me with the following five things:
1. Supernatural (of course)
2. Fanfic
3. Freakin' awesome episode reviews
4. Road trips
5. SPN University

1.  Supernatural:  When I saw the description of Supernatural in the fall preview issue of TV Guide magazine back in 2005, its billing as a horror show was a strike against it because I'm not a horror fan. In its favor was Jensen Ackles, who had caught my eye the first time I ever saw him as a guest star in the Pollo Loco episode of the first season of Dark Angel, because until I saw his Ben, I would never have thought that I would feel compassion and grief for a psycho serial killer.  I tuned in and enjoyed the pilot, particularly the true brother chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but I was only a casual and occasional viewer until I saw Faith.  That episode sandbagged me with its depth, and I realized that by being superficial in my watching, I had missed what was right in front of my eyes:  that these brothers were among the most complex and real characters on television, and they had a lot to say to me courtesy of sharp writing and extraordinary performances.  I went back and rewatched the earlier episodes, including major ones I'd missed (like Home),and I was lost, converted into a Supernatural evangelist preaching the word of what to watch to all and sundry. And the rest is simply history.

2.  Fanfic:  I wrote fanfic before I knew it had a name.  I always enjoyed watching selected television shows, usually because specific characters and their relationships drew me, and I imagined what would happen if those characters confronted situations that simply didn't arrive in the aired episodes.  Usually, I just jotted down ideas and wrote isolated scenes, but I wrote my first full-blown long story for the Western Lancer (another show with two very different brothers and a Dad!) back in 1971.  The first draft was 79 pages in my handwriting; the redraft was how I learned to type, because I refused to edit and rewrite it by hand!  It wound up being 81 pages, typed, double-spaced.  I haven't stopped writing fanfic since.  I'm not prolific, because I need a strong inspiration to write anything of any length -- I've got to have something significant to say -- but telling stories is how I process the things that happen in my own life, both the good and the bad, and how I explore what I believe and what I feel.  And yes, I'm writing more Supernatural fanfic; there's another story in the works, this one pre-series.

3.  Freakin' awesome episode reviews:  Thank you, Rap; I blush!!!!  I never blogged before Supernatural, and even when I got addicted back in season one, I lurked on other blogs and fansites, and only occasionally submitted comments.  When the second season began, however, I was dismayed by the negativity of many fans who expressed disappointment at how the show and the boys had changed since the events of the first season.  I thought that a lot of people, in wanting to keep the surface-simple characters of the early first season, were missing the very point that made Supernatural great in my eyes:  that Sam and Dean were complex characters who grew and changed because of the things they experienced.  I started writing episode commentaries just to make the positive points about the new second season that many fans seemed to be discounting or missing, and began my own blog over on the now-defunct community website and started submitting my reviews as freelance alternatives over on  Now I can't imagine not writing them, whether anyone reads them or not ... but I'm really chuffed when folk read them and leave comments!  I've always been fascinated by storytelling, and particularly how ideas can go from mind to script to screen, so expanding the reviews to talk about the production aspects of the shows was just irresistible to me.  And then there were the haiku ... *grin*

4.  Road trips:  All my life, my family took vacations by taking to the road. (I came by my love of 1967 Chevys honestly, by the way; my Dad's pride and joy was Big Red, a 1967 Chevy Bel Air station wagon, and we criss-crossed the country taking vacations in that car!)  When my sister Terry bought her first Harley, with a sidecar, she invited me along with Mom on vacations on the bike, and I -- being a writer -- kept journals of the trips.  Even when I fly places, I enjoy driving on the far end, as was demonstrated when I visited Vancouver to attend the fan-run Something Wicked convention and drove other fans in search of Supernatural shooting locations.  And I still love nothing better than getting behind the wheel of Skywise, my sweet 2004 Sebring convertible, and taking him on the road, preferably topless, with my tunes blaring through the speakers!!

5.  Supernatural University:  Once I started blogging on Supernatural, I couldn't resist getting into some serious analysis of the show, indulging my education in aspects of psychology, theology, myth structure, philosophy, law, and everything else even tangentially related to the show, its characters, and its plots.  Those meta discussions read like lectures, and prompted discussion in comments from others that took me straight back to college days.  I enjoyed cutting loose and not writing down to people, which I have to do in my real life work, and it paid off in spades as far as I was concerned, because it prompted other people to respond as analytically as I had begun, and those comments often made me think harder and deeper and enhanced my experience of the show and the community around it.  It was only natural that I would christen those meta posts Supernatural University, and they just took off.  I'm really happiest when I'm in my little cyber classroom ... and SU expanded to invade my review commentaries when my real life work made it hard for me to write standalone SU class posts.  And other folk got involved (I really miss Ghost!) to provide guest lectures in my little university ... Maybe someday I'll open an SU community here on LJ, and invite folk to guest lecture again.

Whew:  that was a lot longer than I had intended!  But hey -- I had a tough day at work, so I guess this is escape!

Anyway, if you would like to play, just tell me, and I'll tell you five things with which I associate you!  And if you just want to comment on all the stuff I spewed out here, that's perfectly fine too -- no need to put yourselves on the spot.

Hope you enjoyed!

And we have season five on Supernatural: best Mardi Gras celebration EVER!

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