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Day Thirty-Four of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

Here's my 100-word contribution to day 34 of 41 Days of Metallicar ... a bit of John.  (Hope you enjoy it, Keeper!)

The Impala came cheap because it needed work. He was good with his hands, and by the time he finished the restoration job, the car was a rolling advertisement for his skill that brought new business into the garage. Didn’t hurt either that Mary thought it was beautiful when she saw it done. He was proud of it.
Pride died with hunting, along with so much else. It took his boys to give his pride back, pride in who they were and how they grew up. The car was just a tool, then.
Dean’s pride in her restored his own.

Yes, I love Big Daddy Winchester ... flaws and all.

And only one week to go to season four!!!!


Tags: fanfic drabbles, impala, john winchester, supernatural

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