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Day Thirty-Three of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

Today's is kind of the flip side of yesterday's, so I guess a Kleenex warning should apply ... Here's my contribution to day 33 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.  (It's a lucky thing I'm doing these 100-word drabbles, by the way; they're helping to preserve my sanity as the deadlines at work surge out of control. I frankly don't have time for meta, so Supernatural University is suffering, but I can tuck thoughts about 100 words into little nooks and crannies in the day.)


He tried to listen to her. Dean had always listened to her, every time he started the engine. But no matter how hard he listened, he couldn’t hear whatever it was she’d conveyed to Dean. He just heard an engine, powerful and steady, an echo of Dean’s heartbeat, Dean’s voice, Dean’s laugh. Her solid frame was a ghost of Dean’s strength, the back of her seat the support of Dean’s arm. But he couldn’t feel what Dean had felt when he’d caressed her wheel.

He never realized that Dean had felt his father’s strength, his mother’s love: his own ghosts.


I think we know what the Impala will mean to Sam. She's all he has left of his brother in a tangible form ...

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