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07 September 2008 @ 02:46 pm
Day Thirty of 41 Days of Metallicar ...  
Okay, I think that this one's been overdue. Here's my contribution to day 30 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration.

“You sure you’re okay?”
Dean didn’t open his eyes.
“While I was out sweating, you spent the day sitting in a nice cool library, dude. Your turn to go get dinner.”
Sam chuckled and left. He turned the key in the ignition, but the starter didn’t crank; instead, a sultry alto voice complained, “You’re not Dean.”
He jumped in the seat, heart in his throat, and shocked surprise froze him for an open-mouthed instant; then he contorted to look beneath the dash. A portable tape player was wired into the starter.
Dean whistled from the doorway, waving his cellphone camera.
After the last two pranks, I figured it was about time Dean got some of his own back ... the fun was thinking of a joke he wouldn't mind playing that would involve his baby!

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Current Music: "Baby You Can Drive My Car" by the Beatles
rieyllrieyll on September 8th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Haha that's GENIUS!

Oh, what I'd pay to see Sam's WTF face right then! lol

Awesome stuff as always, dear. And GLEE! Less than two weeks to go!
bardicvoice: Grrrr by <lj user=Cakehole_Cat>bardicvoice on September 8th, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
Thank you! I love imagining the look on Sam's face, hearing the very feminine car complain to him ...

I am SO excited about the season four premiere! I took off work the Friday after because I know I'd be worthless that day! *grin*