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Day Twenty-Four of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

And now for something completely different! Hey, it's September, the time of many good things ... so I've given the boys an attack of a different kind as my contribution to day 24 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration! (Yes, I'm warped ...)

Sage Advice

At Sam’s strangled gasp, Dean braked hard and swung sharply onto the shoulder. Sam was in the ditch before the car even stopped, fumbling with his belt and buttons. Fighting the uneasy griping churning in his own guts, Dean tried to close his ears until Sam staggered back into his seat, sweating. They’d been trading off on panic stops to save the upholstery every ten minutes for the past forty.
“Dude, that does it. We’re stopping at the next motel. And we’re never, ever, eating at any diner that doesn’t have at least three cars in the parking lot!”
Good thing they weren't on a much-traveled road ... *evil grin*

Tags: fanfic drabbles, impala, supernatural

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