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Day Fifteen of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

Well, here's my contribution to day 15 of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration! I'm also laying in a stock of virtual Kleenex for those who need it, given my penchant for flipping between lightness and grief. Unlike last year, where the haiku party -- even when it got momentarily depressing -- always had an underlying positive note, I can't seem to get away from Dean's loss and all its ramifications. 

I obviously need the new season to begin, stat!!


He’d always been partial to classic American muscle. So when John Winchester appeared on his doorstep driving his Detroit ghostbuster, they’d found common ground even before comparing notes on demons and dead wives.
He’d never had kids of his own. Watching John trying with mixed success both to raise his boys and hunt, he’d been guiltily grateful for that, but regretful, too. He’d been part of Dean losing his silence and becoming voluble about cars, and about Sam discovering books. They’d made him ache for what he didn’t have except by John’s proxy.
Watching Sam drive off alone, he mourned.

I obviously need an icon of Bobby with the Impala ...

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