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Day Thirteen of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

 Well, today turned out better than I thought it would. It was still relentless, but I survived ... and I met every bloody effing deadline, too. 

And that brought me to this evening and the anticipation of the boys, and the writing of yet another 100-word drabble for the 41 Days of Metallicar!

Barometric Pressure
Dean was fourteen days dead before Sam fixed her broken taillight. He’d forgotten until a cop in Oconto Falls ticketed him. He bought a book and learned.
Only then did he realize that she’d been Dean’s emotional barometer. Dean had always taken care of her, always … until after Dad disappeared. He remembered Dad ragging on Dean about touching her up when they finally found him, and realized that Dean had gradually slipped up on her maintenance as he’d gotten more worried about Dad. It happened again only as he died.
Sam wondered how she’d looked when he’d left for college.
Oh, look -- Sam's in northern Wisconsin!  (Wonder if my oldest sister might see a black Impala with a newly fixed taillight ...?)

Seriously, though, I do have something to celebrate. A lovely woman in France requested permission a few days ago to translate "Last Rites" into French, and she's done it. I'm getting to make people cry in French!!  Nothing I've written has ever before been translated into another language:  I am thrilled, I am humbled, I am beyond delighted, and I am grinning like a fool.  If you have French and would like to read her work, you can find it here on her account at I'm going to post that link right along with the story, too!  It looks pretty good to me -- I don't know French, but I studied Spanish and Esperanto in college, and growing up Catholic and a singer, I have liturgical Latin in my background, so ... I could parse a fair bit of it, even if I'd never be able to read it aloud or translate it precisely.  Share my joy!

And I'm off tomorrow, planning to photograph my little pet Impala model and work on my Supernatural University and Un-Book-Club entry on Phantom Traveler ... Life is good. 

Work will be insane again on Monday, but for now ... I'm good.

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