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Day Ten of 41 Days of Metallicar ...

 Here's my contribution to Day Ten of the 41 Days of Metallicar celebration, another 100-word drabble.


The screwdriver slipped in his sweaty hand and he forced himself to slow down. Getting caught would be bad, but scratching the paint would be grounds for justifiable homicide. He made it back into his seat just before Dean emerged from the gas station restroom and crossed in front of the car to slide behind the wheel.
“Ready, Sam?”
He grunted noncommittally, not trusting his voice, and looked out the window to hide his grin as Dean’s pride and joy muscled down the highway, boasting a bright pink and purple rear license plate frame that gushed, “I (heart) Hannah Montana!”


(I was writing this in my head while driving home from work -- anyone in the cars next to me must have thought I was nuts, with the way I was chuckling to myself!)

[Did a little editing Tuesday morning, just to tighten it up a bit more ...]

Tags: fanfic drabbles, impala, supernatural

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