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Real Life post: Allow me to preen for a moment ...

Some of you know that when I'm not being Bardicvoice and rhapsodizing over Supernatural, I'm a career civil servant working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Well, truth be told, I rhapsodize over Supernatural at EPA, too ... my co-workers can attest to that! I've even turned some of them into fans ...) 

I learned yesterday that my team will be awarded an Agency gold medal for our risk management work on perfluorinated compounds, the project I worked on for the last eight years before transferring to my current assignment. We will get our medals at the awards ceremony on May 20, which will be my 19th anniversary of joining the Agency. Pretty cool, huh?
Bronze medals are awarded at the office level, and I've won nine of them in my career, seven from my office, one from enforcement, and one from Region 3. The gold and silver medals, however, are awarded from the office of the Administrator of the Agency, so they come from the very top. I won a silver a few years ago for another major project, and that was a delight. Golds, however, are very few in number. To qualify, it's gotta be big. All of the offices in the Agency submit nominations for their best and most important work to the Administrator's office and compete for the chance. Some years, no golds are awarded at all. There are never more than a handful awarded in any year. So this is a real honor, and I am chuffed!
Just wanted to boast a little ...

(Mind you, the gold medals aren't actually struck in gold, nor are the silver medals struck in silver. They have no monetary value. It's the honor of the award itself that matters. But the bronzes are actually struck in bronze! *grin*)

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