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16 January 2008 @ 12:26 pm
"Supernatural: Rising Son" comics are coming!  
Thank you, TVGuide.com - I popped in for a little lunchtime diversion, and what did I find but a nice little article on the next set of Supernatural comic books coming in April!

Best parts? I like the new artist better than the one who did Origins (and don't judge just on the cover, because covers are usually done by different artists than the inside!); he actually can draw facial expression. Haven't seen his take on the boys, yet, but I'm hopeful. I like the story timing (looks like it will tie in with a certain flashback we saw recently ... yum), and the indication that the focus will be on the family dynamics.

And yay for Peter Johnson confirming that the collected graphic novel publication of Origins will include revisions from the comics to put the Impala squarely where we all knew she belonged: as a Winchester from the very beginning! I think he's also correcting some of the factual gaffes that fans pointed out ...

April is looking a little happier now, although true happiness requires a quick resolution to the writers' strike and the continuation of season three!!
bardicvoice: JohnThinker by <lj user=Cakehole_Cat>bardicvoice on January 18th, 2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
I am cautiously optimistic. Much of the fall in ratings in season two came - and everyone knew it - from ABC's decision to move Grey's Anatomy to the Thursday night slot. But the show's ratings are still good for the CW, when compared to their other scripted programming. The bad thing is that their reality shows typically pull bigger numbers than their scripted programming, and since the reality crap is cheaper to produce, the biggest danger is that, if the CW is feeling a financial pinch, they may back off on scripted programming in favor of yet more reality stuff. But that is a crapshoot too: even reality advocates wonder when the saturation point may be reached and viewers decide they want quality and absorbing stories back instead, and the CW, like other networks, has seen some reality programming fizzle badly.

Sorry I didn't get back to you in time to register your stuff for Sweet Charity. The auction is now live, so ...