October 8th, 2010

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6.02 Two And A Half Men: Here I’ve Been Thinking We’re Family

6.02 Two And A Half Men: Here I’ve Been Thinking We’re Family
Baby shapeshifter
Makes Winchesters, Campbells ask:
Who’s your family? 
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My apologies for being so late with this one. Real life kicked my ass, what with a couple of work fire drills, meetings outside the office, and a full day last weekend dedicated to working as a volunteer at the Flyin’ and Cruisin’ Festival out in Winchester, VA (at least I was in Winchester!). I promise to try to do better this week!
And thanks to everyone who gave feedback on my little poll about the detailed episode synopses in my commentaries/reviews! I’ve decided to keep them in, so if you like them, yay! And if you skip them, well – you can keep skipping them. It works for me! 

Oh - and the lovely icon on this is by kasienka_nikki . Thanks!