February 16th, 2010

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5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Where Is Your Hunger?

5.14 My Bloody Valentine: Where Is Your Hunger?
Famine’s hunger kills:
Overdose on what you crave,
Or be dead inside. 
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And yes, I'm celebrating the news of the season six renewal!  And if you haven't seen this yet, please by all means drop in on part one of the lovely interview the ladies of Fangasm have up with Director of Photography Serge Ladouceur: it's full of tasty tidbits with no spoilers, and I can't wait to read part two!

ETA:  I am emphatically NOT freaking out over the word that Eric Kripke is handing showrunner reins to Sera Gamble. I don't see Eric ever abandoning his beloved firstborn, even as he attends to other offspring. He's clearly been heavily involved in the development of the season six storyline already, and I expect him (and Robert Singer) to stay involved on the creative end with production oversight, albeit from a higher altitude. But not being showrunner means he could play with the really fun stuff (writing, directing) without having to pull out his thinning hair over budget battles and daily comments from network suits. Sera's been with him from season one, and she collaborates really well with others on the creative team: she shares his vision. I'll do some season six speculation in a separate post Real Soon Now, I promise.