January 18th, 2010

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April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm (Chapter 9 of The Impala Chronicles)

Happy New Year, folks!

Sorry I've been away so long; I promise to try not to make a habit of that. I finally managed to blow the dust off my writing, something I really wasn't able to do during the prolonged remodeling work on my house. (It's hard to write when you can't sit in your own house, spread out your research materials, and dive in ...) Now that the remodeling is done, I get to work at home at last! Here is my much-delayed ninth entry in the sequence of stories I began this past summer, intending to write one story for each year of the Impala's existence, linking the Impala and her owners with real-world history. I still intend to keep the story going; it's just going to take a lot longer ... *wry grin*


Title: April 30, 1975: Shelter From The Storm (Chapter 9/4? of The Impala Chronicles (Forty-some Years in a Life)
Characters/Pairings:  John/Mary
Words:  ~1400
Rating:  G
Spoilers: None beyond aired episodes. References events from 4.3, In The Beginning.

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