July 30th, 2009

Shiny by <lj user=fuesch>

Chapter 1, June 12, 1967: Black And White

alias_chick is once again hosting an Impala-themed countdown to the start of the new season of Supernatural. In honor of the Impala turning 42 this year, the countdown will progress over 42 days, starting today, with participants contributing Impala-themed art, stories, poetry, music, and what-have-you for as many days of the countdown as they choose. Drop on by and take part, or at least read, look, and enjoy!

The first year she did this, I did a daily haiku. The second year, I did a daily 100-word drabble. This year, it's not the form, but the substance; I'm going to try to do a story set in each year of the Impala's existence, following the Impala through history. Since we know from In The Beginning that John didn't acquire the Impala until April 30, 1973, the first several years won't include any Winchesters, but I hope they still might be interesting and enjoyable.

I may not succeed in doing a story a day and finishing in time for the season five premiere, but I do promise to complete the cycle of 42 stories traveling through 42 years.

And here's where it begins.
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