July 20th, 2008

John by JessicaRae

Code 'Winchester', my first drabble

The definition of a drabble being a short story executed in precisely one hundred words (excluding title), herewith find my very first ever drabble, prompted by discovering yesterday in my new issue of AOPA Pilot magazine a piece of aviation trivia:  the military aviation meaning of the codeword, "Winchester."

Hope you enjoy.


Code 'Winchester'

“You got a scary name, man. A pilot says your name, means he’s dead empty:  no more bombs, no more missiles, no more bullets in his guns. ‘Expended all available ordnance’ – that’s what ‘Winchester’ means. Means you ain’t got nothin’ left, can’t even shoot back if someone jumps you on the way home. Scary.”
For the first time, he truly felt his name. He had no ammo left any more. Well – maybe just one final shot.
He looked at his son’s lax face, at the machines breathing for him; then he locked and loaded his soul, and silently said goodbye.