January 6th, 2008

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My latest letter to the CW on "Supernatural" ...

For those who are interested, here is the text of my latest letter to the CW, delivered to feedback@cwtv.com and via email to my local CW affiliate. The email subject line, by the way, read "Supporting Supernatural: A Silver Lining to the Writers' Strike." A version properly and formally addressed to Dawn Ostroff at the CW is going via snailmail.

I welcome anyone who so desires to utilize however much or little of this letter as you choose when composing your own. Please link this anywhere you think it might help the cause!

This was my response to the announced revised CW schedule, which takes Supernatural off the air after the last of the new original episodes airs on February 21, 2008, and represents my attempt to persuade the CW that they're missing out on opportunities to bring more viewers to the network through judicious promotion of selected feature episodes that could run during the strike season to attract viewers deprived of their customary Thursday night entertainment on other networks.

No one responds well to angry rants, so there's no anger here. I doubt this letter will do anything useful, but at least it can't hurt, and it keeps Supernatural (and this Supernatural fan) in a good and positive light. And it makes me feel that at least I've communicated my desires to the Powers-That-Be, whether they pay any attention to them or not.

And now I'm going to return to the contemplation of future Supernatural University classes and fanfic ideas ...

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