November 16th, 2007

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My Personal AMPTP Strike Letters ...

Okay: today I finished my set of letters to AMPTP members (and one affiliate) politely requesting that they return to the negotiating table and reach a reasonable accommodation with the writers. The letters are on their way to Warner Brothers, CBS, the CW, Walt Disney (for ABC and ABC Family), NBC, and Fox. Each of the letters is mostly identical to the others, but each has been tweaked to be specific to the targeted network or studio, mentioning only the shows that would be relevant to the target.  If anyone would like to adapt variations on these to their own use, reflecting their own show interests, be my guest. Note that form letters tend to get ignored; more personalized ones have more of an impact. These are a bit long for the purpose, but I held each of them to a single side of my stationery.

I owe a debt to bringtvback for assembling a convenient list of network and studio addresses, together with a handy list of which CEOs are connected with which shows.

Herewith, the letters:

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