July 15th, 2007

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Supernatural University: Understanding Changes Everything – Lessons from Sam Winchester

This is the third in a series of lessons drawn from individual characters in Supernatural.  Unlike the two previous classes on Dean and John Winchester, this class draws its inspiration not from something intrinsic to the essential character of Sam, but from the primary lesson that Sam himself has learned over the past two seasons: that facts, knowledge, and belief matter, but that understanding changes everything.


Sam has changed dramatically from the young man we met in the pilot. Some of that change has been due to the extraordinary events he has experienced – suffering visions, reuniting with his brother Dean, losing Jess, feeling the stress of hunting, nearly losing Dean more than once, seeing his father die, fearing his own potential destiny, dying and coming back to life – but I would submit that the most profound changes have come about not through these events themselves, but because of what they have brought Sam to understand about others and about himself.


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