May 11th, 2007

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2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One: I Just Need the One

Babes fed demon blood

Fight elimination rounds:

Sam dies in Dean’s arms.


I said in an earlier blog that whenever Eric Kripke and company answer one question, they raise many more, and that’s what they did with Part One of the second season Supernatural finale. That, and rip our hearts out.


The Summary


The opening scene montage played very appropriately over Boston’s “Foreplay/Long Time,” with the song itself coming in on the Impala’s radio under the beginning action. Stopping at an isolated tiny diner to pick up dinner, Sam went in while Dean waited in the car. When the music dissolved into static, Dean realized that he no longer saw people through the diner’s windows. Inside, in a disturbingly eerie replay of what the brothers found at Ava’s house at the end of Hunted, the one customer and two staff were dead, throats slit, and Dean found sulfur on the back door, but no Sam.


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