May 1st, 2007

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Supernatural University: What Makes You Who You Are?

If you are avoiding any spoilers or spoilery discussion concerning the May 3, 2007 episode of Supernatural – What Is And What Should Never Be – please exit the classroom now and return after the Thursday show. Time-shifting this class to avoid potential spoilage will not reflect on you adversely in any way. Thank you.


The debate about what makes us who and what we are – and particularly whether our hard-coded genetic inheritance or our life experience is more influential in determining our personalities and characters – is a popular one in psychology and sociology. The episode of Supernatural airing this week appears primed to give that debate a workout, as the Dean we know – the damaged man resulting from a boy who, at a very formative age, lost his mother to inexplicable, violent evil and his father to the hunt for that evil – is apparently flung into the normal world he never had the chance to experience. What kind of man would the Dean who had lived that alternate life have become? What kind of man would the people who lived around that Alternate Universe Dean (AU/Dean) expect our Dean to be, in his place? How would the differences in life and relationships affect not only Dean, but Sam? What things would be the same, and what would be different? Welcome to Supernatural University!


My thesis for this class is that certain things about Sam and Dean – the things driven by their respective hard-wiring – would remain the same irrespective of their life experience, but that AU/Sam and AU/Dean would be profoundly different from the men we know. I would also posit that they would be different in different ways, and for different reasons.


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