April 28th, 2007

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2.19 Folsom Prison Blues: We Pay Our Debts

Vigilante nurse

Kills lawbreaking cons and guards

Where the boys are jailed.


In a return to classic Supernatural, the Winchester brothers, responding to a call for help from one of John’s old Marine buddies, deliberately got themselves tossed in jail (”This is without a doubt the dumbest, craziest thing we’ve ever done, and that’s in a long, storied career of dumb and crazy,” as Sam so aptly put it) in order to put a stop to a ghost killing guards and inmates. No sooner were they arrested than FBI agent Hendricksen caught up with them, however, further complicating their lives. Inside the prison, Dean adapted comfortably to the local culture and Sam fretted, and both worked to deal with the presumed culprit, the ghost of a dead psycho killer inmate. While Dean triggered a diversion in the form of a fight with another prisoner, Sam snuck away to burn the remnants of blood from the dead inmate in the old cell block, but Dean’s confrontation with a female ghost in the prison infirmary indicated that the inmate wasn’t the spirit they needed to destroy. With the time until their prearranged escape from the prison rapidly evaporating, Dean persuaded the boys’ public defender to learn how the prison nurse had died and where she was buried. The boys faked a fight, and their contact Deacon – none other than the prison guard who’d been closest to them all the time – provided their promised and foolproof escape. They dug up the grave and burned the corpse in time to save Deacon from the ghost, and their lawyer lied to Hendricksen about the location of the cemetery, buying them time to escape again. This time, they knew they would have to go deep under cover, given how hot and how close the pursuit would be.


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