April 21st, 2007

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2.18 Hollywood Babylon: I Just Play The Part, I Don’t Write The Script

This episode of Supernatural won’t have been to everyone’s taste. I’ll admit, I personally prefer the character development and visceral torment of the angst-filled stories, but humor most definitely has its place, too, and I will keep this episode for the lightness of its delightful in-jokes.


Bitter scriptwriter

Conjures ghosts to take revenge:

Beware, network suits!


Hollywood Babylon opened with a cheesy horror film being shot on a soundstage, and a crew member apparently being killed on-set. Sam and Dean turned up on the lot taking the studio tour, abandoning the tour and Dean’s long-desired vacation to infiltrate the set and satisfy Sam’s desire to work as a distraction from his Heart pain. Dean posed as a production assistant and found no evidence of ghosts, while Sam researched the history of the soundstage, discovering that four people had died there messily over the years. They realized that the crew member’s death was a hoax, but hard on the heels of that discovery came the very real death on set of an irritating network representative who had been given to making stupid suggestions for changing the film. All the previously absent evidence, including EMF and EVP, abruptly pointed to the clear presence of ghosts, and Sam recognized the captured spirit image of a starlet who had suicided there. The boys dug up her grave and salted and burned her bones, but a different ghost killed one of the film’s producers. The boys learned that the original film script had been totally rewritten, transformed from an accurate how-to manual on conjuring spirits to an empty piece of C-grade Hollywood drivel, and realized that the original script writer had summoned the soundstage ghosts to take his revenge on the people who had bastardized his work. The boys arrived in time to save the script doctor, but the vengeful writer sealed his own fate when he smashed the talisman giving him control over the studio’s ghosts, freeing them from his control. The ghosts turned on him and killed him for having brought them back and forced them to commit murder. With no further reason to stay, the summoned ghosts presumably departed after the writer died, and our boys walked into the fake studio sunset.


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