March 16th, 2007

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2.16 Roadkill: Unfinished Business

Killer and victim

Haunt each other on a road;

Unfinished business.


The twist in Roadkill was clearly Supernatural’s tribute to The Sixth Sense: that Molly, the woman who stopped the brothers on the road begging for help, was herself a ghost, unaware of her own state. The episode structure, revealing near the end that the boys had understood Molly’s nature from the beginning, was beautifully executed, giving an entirely different flavor to all the earlier scenes. Kudos to writer Raelle Tucker and director Charles Beeson. We discovered along with Molly that she had killed a farmer in a car accident, and that the farmer, now an angry spirit, haunted the road on the anniversary of his death, chasing and torturing the ghost of the woman who had killed him. Greeley, the farmer, was bound to earth by revenge, while Molly was equally bound by her love for her husband, and the fear that their last argument in the car just before the accident would be the memory of her that he would carry to his own death. The Winchesters dealt with Greeley in standard fashion, destroying him by burning his bones. Since Molly had already been cremated, however, and was held to her haunting only by her own unfinished business, her release required that she herself decide to let go and move on. Sam bringing Molly to understand and accept her choice was poignant.


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