March 12th, 2007

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Supernatural University: Risk and Fear

What do you fear? Why does it frighten you? What risks are you willing to take, despite your fear? Those questions are at the heart of Supernatural, both in terms of how the show affects us, and how the situations they confront in it affect the Winchester brothers. This psychology seminar at Supernatural University explores what scares us, how our perceptions of risk shape our fears, and how fear and risk impact the choices we – and Dean and Sam Winchester – make.


The premise of this class is that, when you boil fear down to its barest essentials, there are basically three things that we fear:

  1. Things we don’t know or understand;
  2. Things we can’t control; and
  3. Things that we expect will cause us pain.

Those same three factors also affect our perception of risk, and thus the extent to which we fear things. The less we know, the less we think we can control, and the higher our expectation of pain, the greater our perception of risk, and the greater our fear.


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