February 9th, 2007

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2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign: Messing With Your Head

Has Sam gone darkside?

Riding lost meat puppet Sam,

Mad Meg tortures Dean.


Okay – didn’t predict that one. DemonMeg escaping hell, locking herself inside Sam, and manipulating him deliberately to inflict the maximum possible emotional and physical agony on Dean as revenge for Dean having sent her back to the hell of hell in Devil’s Trap made for one nail-biting story. And although Bobby’s quick thinking managed to break the lock, and his gift of charms to fend off possession provided future protection that we heartily wish the boys had been given earlier, disembodied DemonMeg is still out there, no whit less angry. The boys are both nursing some new pains, Sam for the things he remembers doing while MegSam was in control (and just exactly which things, beyond the murder of the other hunter, was he helplessly awake to see? Was he, like John in Devil’s Trap, aware of torturing Dean?), and Dean for all the memories of fear and loss and torture. And how many other demons may learn the tricks that MegSam mastered to block exorcisms and shatter devils’ traps? DemonMeg and others like her could really become a problem if they learned to acquire the YED’s seeming immunity to holy water.


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