February 8th, 2007

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Supernatural University: Justice, Mercy, Retribution, Redemption -- Expressions of the Divine

Supernatural University: Justice, Mercy, Retribution, Redemption – Expressions of the Divine in Supernatural

Last week’s episode of Supernatural, Houses of the Holy, has prompted a great deal of metaphysical thought and discussion on the existence and nature of God, the potential existence of angels as a counterbalancing force to demons, and the extent to which the divine, assuming it exists, may take an active role in the lives of human beings. The thesis of this seminar at Supernatural University is that the series does aver the existence of God and hews to generally Judeo-Christian principles, but presents the divine as more subtle and less direct than the forces of evil. I would posit that the divine is expressed in the show most often simply through the core values and moral choices of the Winchester brothers themselves, as well as through the words and actions of other humans. Included in this postulate is the assumption that we are unlikely to see direct non-human agents of the divine (for example, angels), even though we have seen direct action by non-human agents of evil (for example, demons possessing humans), but that we may also discern the divine within events if we are willing not to look for it, but simply to accept that it is there.


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