January 10th, 2007

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Supernatural University: Growing Up = Changing Perceptions

Welcome to another class at Supernatural University: an amusing way to pass the time without tearing our hair out as we wait for Hunted finally to air!


This class involves an exploration of the perceptions that Sam and Dean Winchester appear to have of each other, of themselves, and of their father, John. The premise of this class is that our human perception of ourselves and others changes as we grow up, and that the episodes of Supernatural have charted changes particularly in Sam’s and Dean’s perspectives on each other and John as their experiences have led them to mature. I submit that this process will continue throughout the series.


This class was inspired by many recent blogs, especially the wonderful recaps of first season episodes by CindyRose and Escapism101, and the many comments submitted in response to those entries. It also continues earlier discussions in this Supernatural Descant blog. All of these are recommended as background reading.


I’m going to feature Sam in this discussion, even though I’ll also be talking about Dean and John, because the series really is being told predominantly from Sam’s point of view, and much of what we have learned came from what he has seen and from how understanding it has affected him.


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