January 1st, 2007

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Supernatural University: Father (Doesn’t Always) Know Best

Happy New Year, and welcome to the new semester at Supernatural University! In honor of a new year, I’ve decided to begin the semester by going back to beginnings, and to dedicate this class to John Winchester:  ex-Marine, husband, father, and hunter extraordinaire.


My thesis for this class is that John Winchester was the fiery yellow-eyed demon’s (FYED’s) first big mistake, and that, having failed to learn the John Winchester lesson, the FYED is repeating its error with his sons. I submit that this will be the FYED’s downfall.


I’ll start by taking us back and reviewing what we learned about John Winchester through the show up to this point, and through the few pages of his journal found on the show’s official website. Much of this is deduced from things we were shown, from things we heard filtered through the experiences of others, including his sons, and from impressions that those experiences left behind.


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