November 19th, 2006

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Supernatural University: Fate, Free Will, Demons, and the Winchesters

Supernatural enjoys playing with the concepts of fate and free will, and uses both of them to tease viewers mercilessly. Like series creator Eric Kripke, who has said he knows what happens in the final story of the series (something we all devoutly wish will be years in the future!), The Demon, we are told, has plans for Sammy and the children like him. We don’t know the nature of those plans, but given the nature of demons, it can’t be good. What does this mean for Sam and the other children, and for people like Dean, John, and all of us, who apparently aren’t part of the plan? Only Eric Kripke knows for sure, but we can have some fun speculating.


So, what’s my thesis for this class at Supernatural University? I’m postulating that Dean is right:  that fate does not exist, and that the individual choices we make of our own free will – particularly, in this case, the choices that Sam and Dean make – will determine the outcome of the future.


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