November 17th, 2006

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2.8 Cross Road Blues: What’s Worth Your Soul?

Cross Road Blues was brilliant. Acting, story, concept, brotherly moments, music, the lot – it was wonderful, Supernatural at its best. I meant to write this blog last night, and I simply couldn’t. It wasn’t lack of energy or desire; there was simply too much in the episode for me to have done it justice, approaching it too soon. I’m going to fall short now as well, but I have to try. If Sam and Dean can soldier on in John’s memory despite their crushing burdens, surely I can write a simple blog.


We’ve known this was coming for a while, ever since the events of In My Time of Dying. We knew that the boys had to assemble the too-coincidental pieces of Dean’s miraculous recovery, John’s death, and the absence of the Colt into a single picture, and Dean painted it with heartbreaking accuracy in the final moments of Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. Standing at the crossroads, Dean’s anger at anyone who would make a pact with a demon was directed straight at his father. And when he faced Evan, a man who’d made the same choice as John and for the same reason, all the words he would have thrown in his father’s face came pouring out: “I think you did it for yourself, so you wouldn’t have to live without her. But guess what – she’s gonna have to live without you, now. What if she knew how much it cost? What if she knew it cost your soul? How do you think she’d feel?” He’d said as much to John once, back in Dead Man’s Blood when John said then that he couldn’t and wouldn’t watch his children die. Dean asked him, “What happens if you die? Dad, what happens if you die, and we could have done something about it?” John had no answer then, and he doesn’t have one now, either.


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