November 10th, 2006

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2.07 The Usual Suspects: Arresting Supernatural Television

This episode had a lot more going for it than just the stunt casting of Linda Blair (which worked very well, in my opinion). We saw the boys, even separated, operating in mind-linked tandem – a closeness wonderful to see, after the strain that’s come between them since John’s death – to both guard and trust each other and solve a puzzle. We saw the seeds of major future conflict sown, with the dichotomy of Dean being both alive and dead brought to the attention of law enforcement authorities and left unresolved, and with both of the boys ending the episode as fugitives, Dean still suspected of murder. And we saw a neatly crafted story in which the boys followed a lead that turned out to have nothing supernatural about it into a story with a twist: a supernatural element that wasn’t causing death, but trying to warn of it. This was the second Supernatural effort by writer Cathryn Humphris, who delivered Dead Man’s Blood in season one, and the first by director Mike Rohl, whose genre credits include Smallville, Eureka, Kyle XY, and The Dead Zone.


I loved a lot about this episode, starting with the fun that this time, the lead that Sam and Dean followed to Baltimore – video not having captured a man’s killer – turned out not to be because the killer was supernatural, but because the tape had been tampered with by the very human cop who’d committed the murder. The clue was bogus, but the situation turned out to be anything but.


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