October 11th, 2006

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Joining the Song in the Middle: Starting a Supernatural Blog

Okay, this is an experiment: I'm trying to post my Supernatural blog entries originally made over on TVGuide.com here, in order to allow folk easy access. So, if you're monitoring my posts and get thrown by seeing a flurry of posts with funky dates, this is why ... I'm posting them here with their original posting dates. I'll be tagging posts as either episode commentaries or as Supernatural University entries, whichever is appropriate.

This was my very first venture into blogging:

Joining the Song in the Middle

I’ve been internally debating about entering the Supernatural blogosphere for a while:  did I have anything worthwhile to add to the observations already being made by others (thank you, Tina, Rod, Sophie, Patronus …); did I have the dedication to commit to a regular blog schedule; did I want to invest the time. Ultimately, my passion for the topic overruled all other considerations, so – here are my ruminations on Supernatural. I hope people will enjoy them.


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