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Fanfic finally going up ...

I finally decided to put some of my fiction out there on the internet, so if you'd like to see it, you can drop on by my little corner of There's not a lot there; I'm not exactly prolific (never have guessed that from how rarely I update this journal, hey?). I tend to write in spurts that are usually prompted either by something personal or interesting that I'm dealing with, or by a character who simply grabs me by the throat and starts whispering (or yelling) in my ear. I'm stronger with character, emotion, and language than with plot.

Anyway, what's up there now includes a short-short from Supernatural; a short story and a reunion novella from Starsky & Hutch; a short story from Stargate SG-1; four independent stories of steadily increasing length from The Professionals; and one short from Alias Smith & Jones. All my stuff is gen. If I can figure out how to deal with the formatting issues, I may put up my Star Trek: Voyager scripts.

Feedback is always appreciated!

I get the feeling that it's about time I started writing fiction again. Where'd I leave that spare time ...?

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