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Wanna own a model black 1967 Impala? (Two-door, but still ...)

Couldn't resist putting out the word on this one ...

A brand-new 2-door high-quality black 1967 Impala replica is available from DiecastMusclecars for $49.95, which is the best price I've seen anywhere. According to the guy over there from whom I bought mine (yes, I succumbed!) , they've got quite a few in stock at that price. They ship in 24 hours using fragile-goods shipping packs, and shipping within the US costs $8 for one car, plus $1 for each additional car ordered. If you're interested, go to the site and look under either the new arrivals or Chevy listings, copy the model number, and order.

Admittedly, this model is a two-door, not a four-door, but it's vanishingly rare that a model company will do a four-door version of a car. Two-door and convertible models typically rule the roost. Knowing that definitely factored into my decision to buy this one.

Cheaper plastic models can be found, but this one is special. The American Muscle Authentic series by Ertl creates die-cast metal cars of incredible detail and quality. A friend of mine is a model car collector, and he raves about the effort Ertl puts into these models, right down to their perfect paint jobs. The doors, hood, and trunk all open (I'm going to be looking for appropriately-sized weapons to stock in the trunk of mine!), and the wheels and drive train are functional. Most places are offering them for $55 to $65, so the $49.99 sold me in a hurry, especially knowing about the manufacturing quality involved.

Mine shipped today, so I should get it early next week. Wheeeee!

I can be such a kid ...


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