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For those of you who've missed Supernatural classes or commentaries ...

I finally got around today to doing something I've been meaning to do for a while: I managed to import to my LJ all of my existing Supernatural episode commentaries and Supernatural University classes. If you didn't manage to find or read them all over on, or if you're a newcomer here and have way too much time on your hands and a lot of curiosity, you can now find everything right here. And for convenience, you can use the tag listing on the right sidebar to select and pull up just episode commentaries or supernatural university entries, if you're only interested in one category or the other.

Dang, but I've written a LOT about this show!

I'm hoping to get two more classes up before I'm off to ComicCon: Lessons from Sam and Lessons from Bobby. Stay tuned! Sam should go up tomorrow, if I work hard.
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