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Name and Nature
Dani (pinkphoenix1985) wrote on February 17th, 2010 at 08:18 pm
Bardic- I guess that you are right but it still seems to me that other than Lucifer (and Castiel, Anna, and Uriel for various reasons) most of the angels don't believe or at the very least don't know that they do have the freedom of free will

really? Can you explain to me why you don't believe it? I would like to know because then it will help me in "accepting" what is happening and therefore finding my way back to my Supernatural obsession.

I agree that we are seeing the boys getting back together but it still seems like they're on egg shells with each other and not in a good way. I agree that it does take time and having them get back together and have everything fine and dandy would be somewhat of an insult to the characters. I just feel that things are happening behind the scenes and every time it seems that they've taken a step back in the right direction, something happens to damage everything and they take two steps back *sighs*
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