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((Anonymous)) wrote on February 13th, 2010 at 05:01 pm
The song remains the same
I love this review and your theory about Michael being the one to let Anna "escape" and allow him to make first contact with Dean is spot on. I honestly didn't think of this, but it does make since. I love Castiel in this episode. He is showing more and more how he feels about Sam. His perspective is changing from what he was told to believe. He is seeing Sam for who Sam really is, not who heaven told him to believe Sam is. I love that!!
Two things that stand out in my mind about this episode. One is the cars. I knew you would mention that, but the 70 blue chevelle that Dean and Sam drive to get to there mom and dad's home was gorgeous. That was my favorite, and the firebird that Anna lands on. Also the lies that Anna tells Uriel to get him to do was she wants. She says that Dean and Sam killed him, but she did and that she was still his superior in the future. Both lies, and proved that she wasn't the angel we had known her to be when Sam and Dean first met her. It also proved once again how much Castiel had changed from when we first met him, because the torture he endured didn't change him as it did her. If anything it made him a better "man" than he was before. Perfect symmetry for what Dean and Sam have endured and how they have taken that and became better men. Those 3 are definately Team Free Will. I look forward to future episodes and seeing that relationship continue to develop. I have already seen the next episode as I write this, so I'm really looking forward to your take on it. I think it was my favorite so far this season. Talk with you soon.
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